I have been an avid lover of the natural world since childhood and have been writing about it since college. While pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies and Applications at Michigan State University, I took an environmental journalism class with Professor Jim Detjen, director of the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism. I published a piece entitled “Life Without Nature” in the Fall 2006 issue of EJ Magazine and was subsequently awarded the Edward J. Meeman Award in Environmental Journalism. I have written for the Jack Pine Warbler, of the Michigan Audubon Society, and National Geographic’s My Wonderful World blog. I also translate articles for Green Teacher magazine.


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  1. Posted by Tim Grant on February 3, 2011 at 11:30 am

    Greetings Sarah. I hope that the Winter has treated you well so far. (We’re enjoying our first major snowfall here in Toronto right now.)

    (I tried to send this email to you today via “skkozciki@gmail.com”, but it bounced back.)

    I am also writing to ask if you will be able to complete the translation soon of the article we sent to you back in August. Can you let me know? If you have not beenskkozciki@gmail.com able to start working on it, and do not expect to have the time to translate this article in the next 4-8 weeks, please don’t be shy about saying so. We would still welcome your assistance at a later date.

    I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Muchos saludos desde -10C Toronto,


    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I think there was a misspelling in my email. It’s: skkozicki@gmail.com.

      Thanks for the reminder about the article! I just got finished moving and might be moving again soon – things are a little crazy. Let me take you up on your offer to pass on this particular article, but I would like to translate for you in the future, perhaps starting again in mid-May once things have settled down a bit for me personally and professionally. Let me know if this works.

      Many thanks, and stay warm!



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